Havoc's book and browsing GtkCTree


I'm reading your book on gtk/gnome and I find it particulary useful.

However it lacks the widget detailed description of the gtk tutorial, but
that's ok because it is in the gtk tutorial. On the other hand the gtk
tutorial do not explain the argument procedures that must be included in a
custom widget.
It lacks also information on when a pointer is freed by the procedure or
not. I find it sometime difficult to know this information and I have to
look into the code, which I shouldn't.

I had recently this problem with the get_data_full and put_data_full
procedures for instance. May be you could dedicate a paragraph on these

BTW some chapters are missing from the downloadable tarball. I would have
ordered the book, but from where am I (Fiji), it is much faster to
download the book than to buy it. (1 hour versus 3 months)

Last question, I want to browse all the elements of a GtkCtree, but the
procedure make me browse only the visibles elements. What is the right way
to do it... GTK_CTREE_NODE_NEXT is obviously not the right way to do it...
Or the other option is how do I retreive all the selected items even when
they are hidden because the branch is collapsed.

franck sopac org

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