Gnome App making another App have strange colours

Hi Folks

I am having problems with Gnome Application(gnome.x for want of a name)
that I have written which is running on an oldish computer.  Currently
there is another application (app.x for want of another name) which has
been written a while back and it functions normally on this oldish
computer.  When I run my new Gnome Application it corrupts the colours
in app.x - it changes many of the colours in app.x and gnome.x has
correct colours.  Can someone please tell me

1.  It is quite possible I do not have enough memory, if so is there any
way for me to work out if indeed I do not have enough memory and if so
can I work out how much memory I am short? 
2.  Is it possible that I need to somehow alter the colormap used by
gnome.x.  If so how do I do this?

Thanks for your help.



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