Re: Respecting standard X options (diatribe)

"David T. Bath" <bathd edipost auspost com au> writes:

> Similar results are found when comparing many KDE programs
> to their Gnome equivalents.  What gives?  What about all the
> other "standard" X options we know and love like setting the
> geometry of the windows opened.

The problem is that standard X options use a single dash, whereas
standard gnu long options use a double dash (so you can still stack
single-character options).  Most/all gtk apps will understand

Beyond that, you start getting into trouble.  --geometry and
--geometry should be easy to support, but doesn't appear to be.  (I
guess the reason gtk doesn't support it by default is that it doesn't
know what window that should apply to, so it's an app issue.)  --bg,
--fg, --fn would be kind of nice to support, but they're not.  --xrm
would never be supported.

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