Re: getting stderr output

Ander <ander1 wanadoo es> writes:
> When I started programing for gnome I started to use Glada, and I used to use
> joe to edit the code. Now I'm developing my own code editor. My idea is to
> complement Glade, so it just have a files tree, a functions tree, and a text editor. It
> allso can launch make and gcc. My problem is that when I launch make or gcc I
> use popen to do it. That way I only get the stdout, and I can't show the error
> messages on a text widget. May question is:
> is there a way that I can launch make and gcc and get the stdout and stderr to
> show the messages on a text widget?

Look at gspawn.[hc] in the CVS/unstable version of GLib. You want to
use those functions instead of popen(). You could just cut-and-paste
for now.


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