Re: canvas/pixbuf scroll_region usage (odd behavior on solaris) - gravity

I had written:

> i have written an image viewer using gnome_canvas/gdk_pixbuf.
> due to the nature of the data (very fuzzy/speckled, such that 
> features/artifacts show up at different scale), i would like
> to be able to:
> during panning, large chunks of the image are not redrawn on adjustment_changed,
> which leaves big hunks of background where the image should be (typically in the
> lower right hand corner).


i continued following code in gdb (on a machine that does not exhibit the bad
scrolling), and came upon gravity_works. according to comments gtklayout will
not work if (gravity_works == NO), and by setting it NO with gdb, i reproduce
the faulty behavior on a machine that otherwise works. so my conclusion for
now is that this is the problem. i will play with this some more when i have
a faulty solaris box available again.

does anyone know if this has been corrected in 1.4? gtklayout.c looks totally
different in cvs.


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