Re: canvas/pixbuf scroll_region usage (odd behavior on solaris) - gravity

seth_lytle yahoo com writes: 
> i continued following code in gdb (on a machine that does not exhibit the bad
> scrolling), and came upon gravity_works. according to comments gtklayout will
> not work if (gravity_works == NO), and by setting it NO with gdb, i reproduce
> the faulty behavior on a machine that otherwise works. so my conclusion for
> now is that this is the problem. i will play with this some more when i have
> a faulty solaris box available again.
> does anyone know if this has been corrected in 1.4? gtklayout.c looks totally
> different in cvs.

All widgets now do scrolling as GtkLayout did, so GtkLayout is
basically a useless widget in 2.0 (we decided 1.4 won't exist).

I'm not sure if it's fixed, but it should get fixed. Your problems
will be more severe in 2.0 if it isn't fixed.


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