Re: Extending the GNOME system (ideal)

> > Nautilus pretty much does this type of thing. It doesn't take care of one
> > compound document with a bunch of objects inside, but that is really
> > impossible to do in a generic manner. The "MS Word inside MSIE" example
> > would work fine with Nautilus, though.
> Yeah, mathieu even created a hack to get Gnumeric to work inside Nautilus
> ('View as Spreadsheet'). You could probably do this for many other programs
> too (unfortunately, somebody needs to actually write these components).

And for this the documentation have to be good.  Last time I looked (this 
summer so that's a while ago). The documentation wasn't very good 
(or outdated and hard to find).  

Bindings for other languages would be cool to ofcourse :)


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