linc 0.1.0 test release

linc is a library that greatly eases the task of writing networked servers
& clients. It takes care of connection initiation and acceptance, and the
details of various transports. It is used by the new ORBit to handle
message transmission/receipt.

Currently supported transports:
	IPv4 (tested)
	UNIX domain sockets (tested)

The connections can optionally be encrypted using OpenSSL (although using
this for UNIX domain sockets is pointless :-)

. zlib support is planned to allow for compression of data.
. Subclassing LINCConnection/LINCServer for handling specific protocols
(such as IIOP in ORBit's case) is currently a bit icky and needs to be
. Find some strange protocols to add support for.

Please investigate the test release (available at, and let me know
what you think. Be forewarned that it requires glib 1.3.2 (glib HEAD out
of CVS).

-- Elliot
"The Pythagorean Theorem employed 24 words, the Lord's Prayer has 66 words,
Archimedes Principle has 67 words, the 10 Commandments have 179 words, the
Gettysburg Address had 286 words, the Declaration of Independence, 1,300 words and
finally the European Commission's regulation on the sale of cabbage: 26,911 words."

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