gnome-print --with-gnome-font


I have mostly synchronized gnome-print and gnome-font API-s. As a result
you can now use configure argument in gnome-print:


to avoid compiling font support into gnome-print and using gnome-font one
But do not be too excited yet. Current gnome-font is basically a set of
hacks and tests from various times, and it does not implement most of
the required API. And what it happens to implement, has to be rewritten
most probably. Specifically finding matching Gtk+ fonts and embedding fonts
for PostScript/PDF is not supported yet - so you cannot do much
with it (other than enjoying TrueType font names in font selector).
Raster contexts and print-preview should somewhat work also.

Sodipodi is probably the only program, that can at moment use gnome-font
library successfully (because it prints all glyphs as outlines). At:

you can see it displaying some of my eclectic set of TrueType fonts.

PS: If you find any problems compiling gnome-print WITHOUT gnome-font,
let me know.

Happy hacking!

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