Re: new behavior with gnome-libs 1.2.8

Joe Shaw wrote:
> > My app. both has a gtk window and an applet, like gnomeicu.
> > When the user wants to exit i used to do gtk_main_quit() and
> > the applet terminated at the same time.
> This window pops up when an applet dies that didn't deregister itself from
> the panel. The correct way to do it is to call
> applet_widget_gtk_main_quit().

Ok, GnomeICU does not call that, lets do it. Nothing chages, panel still
says that applet has died unexpectedly.

James Henstridge wrote:
> You may be able to fix the problem by calling applet_widget_remove() on
> your app's applet when exiting.  This way, it won't just look like the
> applet died.

I also added applet_widget_remove, so everything should be correct, but
unexpectedly the panel says the same error.

Maybe gnome-core is not so good in detecting this?

Gediminas Paulauskas

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