Re: ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.5 "4 just isn't prime enough"

On Thu, Nov 23, 2000 at 09:47:06AM -0600, Jamin Philip Gray wrote:
> This sounds like a really incredible develeopment tool.  I'm
> wondering, with the various development tools for the Gnome Project,
> is there any plan to integrate them at all?  Either forming an IDE of
> some sort or at least having them work together really well?

This should integrate well with other tools actually.  All you need is to use
a couple of function calls to you rprogram and edit the .pong file.  Now the
IDE could have some automated logic of adding pong to you project and that
would also be nice I guess.

I think we definately need a well integrated IDE, and GNOME is somewhat
lacking in this respect.  There are several IDEs and devel tools, but some of
them overlap and don't integrate together at all.


George <jirka 5z com>
   Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority,
   it is time to reform.
                       -- Mark Twain

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