Re: ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.5 "4 just isn't prime enough"

On Fri, Nov 24, 2000 at 12:50:40AM -0800, Dirk Vangestel wrote:
> We're actually looking into adding more functionality
> into gIDE, and PonG seems like a nice thing to add.
> We're trying to do most of the inter-operation using
> bonobo though, so George, if you have a few minutes...
> ;-) At this moment the debugger and the editor are
> already separate bonobo components.
> Disclaimer: I haven't tried PonG yet, so I can't make
> a real judgement.

Well, I haven't tried gIDE yet so we're on equal footing :).  I will take a
look at it perhaps this weekend to see how pong could "plug in".

I suppose all that gIDE needs to do to support .pong is to:

Add .pong file to the makefile magic, do the gettext dance for it, link with
the pong library, and be able to launch pong-edit.  I guess this should all
be done in concert with gconf support, as pong-edit also allows you to
generate .schema files for gconf.  However it doesn't allow you to read it
schema files, just generate them from a .pong file

> > I think we definately need a well integrated IDE,
> > and GNOME is somewhat
> > lacking in this respect.  There are several IDEs and
> > devel tools, but some of
> > them overlap and don't integrate together at all.
> True. But there are as many ideas about the 'perfect
> IDE' as there are people... And many people want one
> but few are actually willing to help implementing it.

Quite apparently :)


George <jirka 5z com>
   Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.
                       -- Pablo Picasso

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