Re: gtk_widget_show() doesn't "show".

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 02:11:03PM -0800, James K. Wiggs wrote:
>    I then use the values of view_width and view_height, along with the
> canvas scroll region, to set the canvas-to-window affine.  The problem
> is this: view_width and view_height *always* get set to 0.  I even know
> *why* this is the case: the scrolled window hasn't been "shown" yet.  I
> have explicit calls to gtk_widget_show() for *every* widget in the
> heirarchy as I create them, but the window does not appear on screen
> until *all* of the notebook pages have been created.  Can anybody tell
> me why this is the case?
A widget isn't shown until all of its parents are shown,
including the toplevel window.

Evan Martin - eeyem u washington edu

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