hexsweeper 0.1.16

Well, it's not much, but I have released a very early version
of a little game, hexsweeper, a little like the VMS minesweeper
game but with hexagons instead of squares.

This is very much a thing in progress -- my goal was to learn more
about the Tau of Gnome and Gtk+, as much as anything else, but
the game is playable.


I find it more interesting if you set the max number of mines per hexagon
to 2 or 3.

Known problems:
* setting the board size - rows and cols - in preferences is broken right now.
* makefile goes wrong when it gets to pixmaps, because there aren't any yet
* make install is untested
* there's no help or man page yet.
* it does show when you lose the game, but not clearly
* I don't like the default colours.

please feel free to report other bugs.


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