Re: Problems with the "intl" directory.

La plume légère, à Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 09:41:19AM +0100, heure d'inpiration,
Chris Jones écrivait en ces mots:
> > I recently had the same problem.  What seemed to happen is that part of
> > gettext installation got wiped somehow (my gettext install is in a
> > userwritable directory).  Reinstalling gettext solves stuff
> Wasn't this identified recently as being caused by doing a "make 
> uninstall" from something that came from CVS? For some reason it seems 
> to wipe out some of the gettext stuff.
> Pretty nasty!

It has to do with the Makefiles gettext installs itself.
I already had the same problem too and I finally noticed that the files
in /usr/share/gettext/intl were removed. The work-around to this was
to chattr +i all the files in /usr/share/gettext/intl, this activate the
read-only bit of the ext2 fs.

To be clean, one should contact Ulrich Drepper, who is the maintainer of
gettext (and one of the glibc maintainers as well).

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