GPL'ed CodeWeb Available


The CodeWeb system, which is used to demonstrate
typical library usage, is now open source under
the GPL.

The system currently shows you how people
typically use software libraries.  This is done
through a combination of data mining and browsing
of sample code in existing applications.

By using this system, you can leverage the experience
of others in using software libraries in your application.

Moreover, the open source version also helps
you port your application from one version of the
libraries to another.

Currently, the system works on C++ code and
there is a KDE demo available at

(There is a demo link under the first bullet.)

Would anybody be interested in providing GNOME support?
Basically, this involves  writing some code that
infers the C++ structure simulated by the GNOME C Code.
For example, to which structure a function really belongs, etc.


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