Panel keyboard focus problem


After upgrading to GNOME 1.2 when it was released, I recompiled my
terminal applet - but it didn't work. At that time I didn't have the
time to look into it but today I spent the entire afternoon debugging
it without any result, and I'm beginning to think the problem is with
the panel.

The problem is that it is impossible to give the keyboard focus to the
applet, no matter how hard or fast I click with the mouse. So it is
impossible to send any keypresses to the applet (somewhat of a problem
for terminal). Nothing happens.

The GNotes! applet seems to suffer from the same problem, but
Webcontrol and the Mini-Commander are ok.

My question is: is this a known problem? Can I stop pulling out my
hair in despair? Is there a work-around?

I'm running an upgraded RH 7.0 (Sawfish 30.3, gnome-core 1.2.1) but
the Helix GNOME 1.2 I had before had the same problem.

Ole Laursen

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