Re: Mousewheel and GTK/GNOME widgets

Geoff Reedy <vader21 imsa edu> writes:
> I have noticed that there is a great inconsistency in GNOME and GTK in
> general with repsect to the mouse wheel.  Some widgets respond to these
> events in the expected manner, but about an equal number do not respond at
> all.  The real confusing thing is that one of the standard list widgets
> respond to the mouse wheel, while the other does not.  Is there any work
> underway to improve this situation, in which case I would be happy to help
> with it.  If not I would like to start working that out.  

I don't know of any work. The changes would mostly be to GTK+ I would
> In any case I would like to know whether I should work with code from CVS, or
> can patches to release version be forward-ported to CVS?

Lots has changed in the devel version of GTK+, so using CVS is
recommended. If you wait a week or two there will be a new tarball
(1.3.2 probably) of the devel version you could work against.

CVS is sort of convenient since you can generate a patch with 'cvs
diff -u' instead of keeping two source trees around.


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