libglade menus/toolbars?

I was wondering (dangerous :) the other day, and a thought hit me. No
gnome programs (that I know of) have user-customisable menus or
toolbars. Some (that use libglade) could let root change things around,

So I thought of a solution (sorry, no code :). Anyhow, have a tag in
Glade's saved XML files to mark them as 'user-customisable'. When
loading the XML file in libglade, libglade can check
~/.gnome/customised/menus/appname_menu1 or somesuch, and load whats in
that to replace the default. A gtk/gnome/bonobo widget could be made to
facilitate easy editing.

Is this worth thinking about, or is this totally stupid?

TIA for your input.


Robert Mibus <mibus bigpond com>
I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.

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