Re: CVS branches

Dan Mueth <d-mueth uchicago edu> writes:

> gnome-xxx-1-2 are the current stable branches
> HEAD is what will become -1-4

Is this the truth for gnome-libs, too?  (Just wondering, no offense

Is this info available from  It would be helpful to
post info like this to gnome-devel-list and to the announce list.

> Generally, any stable doc commits should thus go into both the -1-2
> branch and the HEAD branch.  We are reasonably close to GNOME 1.4, so
> if anybody omits committing to the -1-2 branch, it is ok.  But make
> sure everything at least goes into HEAD.

Sounds wrong to me.  Documentation addressing the 1.4 release doesn't
belong into the 1.2 branch.  There are user visible changes;
descriptions and screenshots will not fit any longer (IMO).

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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