Re: CVS branches

On Sun, Oct 08, 2000 at 08:52:55AM +0200, Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> > gnome-xxx-1-2 are the current stable branches
> > HEAD is what will become -1-4
> Is this the truth for gnome-libs, too?  (Just wondering, no offense
> intended.)

No, this is just gnome-core/applets.  gnome-libs HEAD is for 2.0
gnome-libs-1-0 branch is what is used for the stable gnome-libs, and will
be used for 1.4 as well.  AFAIK.

> > Generally, any stable doc commits should thus go into both the -1-2
> > branch and the HEAD branch.  We are reasonably close to GNOME 1.4, so
> > if anybody omits committing to the -1-2 branch, it is ok.  But make
> > sure everything at least goes into HEAD.
> Sounds wrong to me.  Documentation addressing the 1.4 release doesn't
> belong into the 1.2 branch.  There are user visible changes;
> descriptions and screenshots will not fit any longer (IMO).

That's ok.  If your change is for 1.4 only then only commit it to HEAD.
Don't really worry much about 1.2 as 1.4 is very close.

I don't think it's even worth it to do ANYTHING on the (core|applets)-1-2
branch unless it is a critical bugfix.


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