VBI Interface

I'm working on helping to finish a shared library implementation of code
that pulls VBI data out of television broadcasts. Right now, it's usable
as a shared library, but I would like to provide some gnome hooks into
it, so some interesting high level behaviour can occur.  Something like
what the windows programs already do at some level, such as watching for
certain closed captioning to occur and spawning a tv viewer, that kind
of thing.  Basically, I'd just like to provide a fairly simple interface
to pull XDS, CC, and WEBTV data out of a video stream, and let
gnome-aware apps watch for interesting data, acting if needed.  (I know
this kind of thing could be contained within an app like zapping, but
I think that presenting it as a general interface, outside of an app,
could provide for some more interesting capabilities.)

The question, I guess, is whether there are some good examples of small
applications I can start with? I'm familiar with CORBA/ORBit, but unsure
if I need to write the IDL, or hook into some known interface via GNOME
calls.  Also, whether or not this kind of thing needs to roll into an
existing group of packaged GNOME code, or it can register itself with a
naming service at some later point.  Generally, I know there's generally
a basic example that everyone uses as a baseline, something like the
general configure script.  If someone could kick me in the right
direction, I'd appreciate it.

(And this is also to serve as my spinup into GNOME development, so my
next attempt can be a little more interesting.)


--Matt Sherer

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