Re: Panel Keyboard focus problem

I just jumped into this thread, so I'm not exactly sure what's going
on, but I may be able to help you. I started on a terminal applet
a while back and remember having some focus problems, but I 
think I fixed them.  You may wanna try it and see.  Your 
welcome to steal, munge, borrow, or take over any or all of my
code if you like, becuase I'm busy with school now. If I remember
correctly the applet was working pretty well, supported upto 50 
terminals (via switch tabs) and blinked tabs when a hidden terminal
changed. I think there was some other features too...Some people 
on #gnome might remember it. Anyway, i'm not sure if i have the 
most recent version anymore, but I found this massive 5 mb tarball
with different versions of it. You can find that here:
Hope it helps you...

--halfline(Ray Strode)

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