Re: Panel keyboard focus problem

> > The problem is that it is impossible to give the keyboard focus to the
> > applet, no matter how hard or fast I click with the mouse. So it is
> > impossible to send any keypresses to the applet (somewhat of a problem
> > for terminal). Nothing happens.
> Maybe try looking at the differences on how the two applets set up?  And this
> includes the order in which the widgets are created and added.  Try playing
> with that, if you find a workaround, then mail me and I'll try to figure out
> why it was failing in the first place.

I tried the moving-widget-creations-around thing for some hours but
that didn't help... OK, now I tried placing the applet_widget_add
after the widget_show calls, and when the applet is first created, it
gets the focus. But as soon as I click another window, it is again
impossible to give the keyboard focus to the applet.

I've searched the bug database, though, and found someone complaining
that swallowed applications didn't receive keyboard focus - apparently
it had somethink to do with a WM hint (it's bug report #16230).

I don't know if that has something do to with the case since I really
don't know much about X programming. I think the Mini-Commander and
the Webcontrol uses an entry widget, whereas I use the terminal widget
(inside a handle, but it didn't work outside the handle either) and
GNotes uses a text widget, also inside a handle. Does that make a

Ole Laursen

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