ANNOUNCE: PonG (used to be GnoP) 0.3 released

PonG 0.3 has been unleashed unto the unsuspecting world.

What is it?  

PonG is a preference box builder for gnome.  It works and relies on GConf,
and can work with glade optionally.  It will handle all the internal stuff
of building the dialog and updating with the gconf database.  All you have
to handle is notice changes on gconf keys.

Once you have your XML file, the usage can be quite simple:

  #include <pong/pong.h>

  pong_init ();

  pong_run_simple_dialog ("foo.pong", FALSE, NULL);

What is new?

  Internationalization, some new widget support, various random
  api changes, fixes, cleanups, and other things I forgot...

This is a development release only, but the whole thing should API stabilize
quickly as I intend for there to be a stable release soon after GNOME 1.4.
I don't see the API changing all that much from now on unless I find some
really dumb things in it.

I may even write up some docs on the beast too, for now docs are as follows:
"look at the example source", but it's rather uncomplicated for 99% of apps
which will use 3 or 4 functions from the library at most.  The biggest part
would thus be writing of the .pong file, and that too is quite straight

Should you use it in your app?

  If you don't plan to do stable releases anytime soon and are OK with some
  devel brokenness.

So where do I get this marvel of modern technology?


George <jirka 5z com>
   She had lost the art of conversation, 
   but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.
                       -- George Bernard Shaw

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