Re: gnome_popup_menu_do_popup ()

"Daniel M. German" wrote:

>  James> This function overrides the user data you specified in the GnomeUIInfo
>  James> array.  Instead, try using gtk_menu_popup:
>   gtk_menu_popup(ggv->popup_zoom_menu, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL,
>                  event->button, event->time);
> Hi James,
> I am trying to get gtk_menu_popup to work. However, the callback
> function gets called, but the value of data is 0 (in the callback).
this is because of the fact that the callbacks are connected with a
specific marshaller that passes the callback the value returned by
gtk_object_get_data(toplevel, "gnome_popup_menu_do_popup_user_data") as
the user_data.
gtk_menu_popup() will not help, you shouldn't use gnome-popup-menu_new()
at all.
sadly, there is no way around this (except by not using gnome-popup-menu
to create a
popup menu) and I suggest it be fixed for GNOME 2.0.
you can try using gnome_popup_menu_do_modal() which returns the index of
the active
item and then do a large switch on it.



email: jaka mocnik kiss uni-lj si

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