Re: Where can I fetch my pix? :'(

> [Snip]
>  in the sources, it would work... but what if the user
> decides to specify a different prefix? The pix would be
> installed elsewhere...
>  So, how can I do?? A solution can be to install the pix in
> the same dir of the binary file, but... somehow I guess this
> isn't _too_ correct... <:) Is there a macro that returns me
> the "pointer" to a file installed in a filesystem? Or...
> boh! I really don't know! :(

Assuming your program is programmed in 'C' you can pass build time
constants to
your compiler :

In your put something like :


Then in your in the section INCLUDES, put something like
this :

If you do this you can then use the constant IMAGE_PATH in your source
like (just as an example) : 
	fopen (IMAGE_PATH / "filename.extension", "r");

Hope this helps.

Almer S. Tigelaar

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