Re: Proxy seetings and other desktop issues

Karl Eichwalder wrote:
> Telsa Gwynne <hobbit aloss ukuu org uk> writes:
> > The only thing I wonder: I came across a mention of the "environment
> > variables http_proxy and ftp_proxy" recently. Um. In a bug report, of
> > all things :) mentions them. I
> > have never met them. I cannot find them in 'man bash'. I don't know
> > what introduced them. Lynx has something like them in the lynx.cfg file,
> > but I thought they must be Lynx-specific.
> In addition, arena and wget support them (and no_proxy, BTW).  On SuSE
> Linux you can provide values for these variables via /etc/rc.config and
> they'll end up in an /etc/profile component.
> GNOME should try to honor these settings.

Just FYI--

GNOME-VFS and Nautilus are currently using a GConf setting,
"/system/gnome-vfs/http-proxy" for HTTP proxy settings.  Nautilus also
uses this setting for embedded Mozilla.  In addition, the Nautilus first
time druid examines both the http_proxy environment variable noted above
as well as looking for Netscape 4.x prefrerences in an attempt to
auto-configure the user's http proxy.  Unfortunately, none of this work
has been done for FTP (we just haven't had time).

Personally, I'd like to see many of these user-level network settings be
moved into a capplet and have GNOME applications retrieve them from

Mike Fleming

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