ANNOUNCE: gtkhtml-0.7

The GtkHTML Team is proud to announce gtkhtml-0.7
code named "I <font color=red>&#9829;</font> Unicode!". This is the most
recent unstable release of GtkHTML.

GtkHTML version 0.7 introduces these new features:

o Unicode (UTF8) support
o better font handling
o font and spell checking settings in capplet
o capplet split into View/Editor capplets
o incremental search support for editor
o enhanced support for the <iframe> tag (printing, searching, ...)
o optimizations and fixes in the table code
o new translations from the GNOME translation project team
o many other fixes

The GtkHTML team would like to thank everyone that has helped make
this release possible.

gtkhtml-0.7 is available from:  This release of GtkHTML is binary and source incompatible with
the previous public release of GtkHTML so we increased the library
version number in your time of need.  Please see the README filefor details.

Best wishes and happy hacking
The GtkHTML Team

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