Re: RPM's are bad

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ennis Bjorklund writes:

>* In many spec files there is a section changelog which often contains
>changelog-entries from years ago. These should go..

I veto this proposal, because the change log entries often involve
attributions.  It's bad etiquette to remove credit for someone's contributions
from however long ago.

>A harder problems is that we would like to have packages that can be
>installed with different versions in the same time. I have gnome-print
>0.20 installed and I have other packages that needs
>/usr/lib/ So now I cant upgrade to gnome-print-0.24 and
>therefore I cant use newer programs that needs 0.24.

This is an unavoidable problem.  When API's change, bumping library version
numbers is the right thing to do.  Distributions sort this out for you.

>By the way. The spec in gnome-print-0.24 does not work at all, I've fixed
>it here to build it myself but I havn't sent it to anyone. I've tried the
>bug-track system before and it was no nice experiance.. 

I have been trying to help out in this regard and I have committed some fixes
for broken spec files to CVS.


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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