Re: gnome-libs build failure

On Fri, 20 Oct 2000, Michael Myburgh wrote:

> I've picked up the new gnome-libs module, which required
> me to pick up the gnome-common module in order to build.
> So I downloaded and installed gnome-common, but
> for gnome-libs still fails on the
> unrecognized identifier "PKG_CHECK_MODULES". Can anyone
> help me out here?

Is this the HEAD branch of gnome-libs on CVS?  If so, then you are playing
around with the development tree for gnome-libs-2.0.  If you are looking
for the current stable gnome-libs, use the gnome-libs-1-0 branch.

The PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro is probably provided by the pkg-config package
(which is available from one of or  I think you will also need glib and gtk HEAD
versions installed.

Note that you probably won't be able to compile any released applications
against HEAD at the moment.


Email: james daa com au

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