Re: thoughts on gtk, after Hexsweeper

On 23 Oct 2000, Owen Taylor wrote:

>    Glade does need some easier ways of doing common layout operations;
>    using glade without knowing how GTK+ geometry management works
>    is rather mystifying; it would be nice if Glade could help
>    teach you how it worked.

Strange you shoudl say this, since almost everyonce involved in GNOME
programming used to say to me I should use glade. I tried it and got
mystified since I didn't understood what happened. More documentation is
way better than how zillions of graphical builders.

> And of course, the number 1 tip for GTK+ programming is:
>  - Don't use C; In my opinion, C is a library programming language
>    not an app programming language.

/* religious rant
C was invented for doing OS developement. To do app programming in C is
pure idiocy! Being forced to manage memory that way.... *shudder*

And C++ is just evil more refined...

But are there any good alternatives? And I mean compiled alternatives.
What's the state of the Common Lisp bindings? (yeah I know guile exists,
but it's not that great actually...)
/* end of religious rant


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