Canvas freeze/thaw

In my dealings with the canvas I've come to a point where I would like to add
the feature of freezing and thawing to the canvas.  The reason is that I'm doing a
number of object creations and transforms at once, and the canvas displays
these actions before they are finished.  Having the canvas updated mid
transformation degrades the total user experience.

How I plan to implement the freeze capability is adding a conditional check to
the do_update() to stop the redraw of the canvas is the conditional is true. 
When the conditional is false the update will occur as planned.  Upon thaw the
only action is a gnome_canvas_request_update() call.

The reason the conditional must go into do_update() is that there may already
be queued updates pending and I want to stop those from occuring.

Does anybody have any objections to this?

Rusty Conover        | 
Systems Programmer   | 406-586-5050 x226
Zoot Enterprises     |

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