Re: Gnome is not easy to use in 800x600

Sk, Rgs 03, 2000 at 05:06:23 +0200 Frank Felfe wrote:
> I tried this, when the remember-window-position feature came up. There
> were some problems like file dialogs having the same size like their
> parents and windows showing up on virtual desktops other than the current
> one. I don't think, that the window manager is able to manage default
> sizes since he has very few information about the windows.

This is because not all applications behave well. An app should set wmclass,
and parent to all its transient windows. If it does not, window manager
cannot correctly handle that window. If two dialogs of the same app have
exactly the same wmclass, they appear to wm like they are only one. If
bigger one comes first, wm remembers its size. After that you get a short
message in a big window...

So, fix the apps, not the window manager... Anyway, it would be too hard for
an app to manage all it's windows sizes and locations -- easier to set a
proper wmclass.

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