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Joe Kelch wrote:
I share you frustration as far as IDEs go. The closest thing to a    good MSVC like ........

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Sounds like you are looking for development help?  I might be interested in helping.  Let me know what you are doing and I'll let you know if I have experience in that area.
Joe Kelch

I'm CC'ing gnome-devel-list in the hope that someone might want to help out.

Since I moved to Linux I've been missing a lot of development tools. I read what you said about MSVC and it hits the spot. With all the development efforts that are going on, there is no rock solid good IDE that addresses development needs. The MSVC editor was wonderfull, the debugger was very informative and easy to use, etc.. etc..  And MSDN is unheard of. Even the unfinished efforts to create such tools came from a UNIX background which makes things even more alian. The idea is to harnes the experties of Win32 developers to advance Gnome even more. I was very impressed with KDevelop, it even has a built in help system like MSVC 5.0. But that's KDE.

So here is what I'm up to. At work, we do lot's of web development (ASP,SQL,yadda yadda). So my initial IDE effort went to web development (InterDev-like) so I can get to use it as my dev interface at work. With Scintilla as an editing component there is not limit to the type of development you can do (IBM's SashXB is using it also). Here is a screen shot of what I'm working on now
BitLeaf currently has multi-document editing and customizable syntax hilighting. I intend to use transport modules that take care of saving/opening/etc.. so you can save to a source control transport and it will check the file in for example. Or to a web transport and it would upload the file to a web server. I make heavy use of gnome-xml simply because it's easy to work with tree data structures.

I've set up a web server running with PHP, CVS, and Mailman. I'd like to host other projects since there is space and it's an open resource. So am I looking for development help? Heck Yeah! Gnome gave Linux a desktop, now I want to give it Visual Studio.

Joe, if you don't mind, this email explains so much about what I'm doing I would like to use the text above on the site :)

Take care dude,

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