Re: Several comments on panel, nautilus and evolution

> There has been a tendency of programs creating directories in the
> home directory *without* a dot prefix. How about Nautilus and
> Evolution using .nautilus, .trash and .evolution instead of
> Nautilus, Trash and Evolution or at least giving the user the
> choice of naming these directories.

I can't speak for Nautilus, but in Evolution, that's not a bug, that's
a feature. Dotfiles are hidden, which is fine for config files and
other things that you want to make non-obvious. But the "evolution"
directory is used to store all of the user's local mail, contacts,
appointments, etc, which is user data, not configuration. You don't
want to hide the user's mail from him.

As far as I know, there are no mail programs that store mail in
dotfiles or dotfile directories.

As for configurability, yeah, you'll probably be able to change the
directory name at some point if you really want to. (As it stands now,
only the Evolution Shell hardcodes the pathname. The other components
are then told by the Shell where to put their files.)

-- Dan

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