Several comments on panel, nautilus and evolution

I use exmh as MUA which is a tcl/tk application. Sometimes when I
exit exmh, the tasklist disappears with the error:
Gdk-ERROR **: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)
  serial 35033 error_code 3 request_code 20 minor_code 0
As far as I know this only happens with exmh.

The popularity of GNOME has produced a lot of new apps and as a
great fan I installed most of them just to see what they are like.
The downside is that the applications menu has grown so big that not
everything fits on the screen. The menu should scroll if you move beyond
the top or the bottom, so that you can get at the items not fitting on
the screen.

There has been a tendency of programs creating directories in the
home directory *without* a dot prefix. How about Nautilus and
Evolution using .nautilus, .trash and .evolution instead of
Nautilus, Trash and Evolution or at least giving the user the
choice of naming these directories.


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