Re: Several comments on panel, nautilus and evolution

on 9/1/00 1:16 AM, Gérard Milmeister at wrote:

> The menu should scroll if you move beyond
> the top or the bottom, so that you can get at the items not fitting on
> the screen.

I agree. This feature should be added to GTK, I think, but applications
should also be designed so that they have relatively short menus if

> There has been a tendency of programs creating directories in the
> home directory *without* a dot prefix. How about Nautilus and
> Evolution using .nautilus, .trash and .evolution instead of
> Nautilus, Trash and Evolution or at least giving the user the
> choice of naming these directories.

We'll consider changing this for Nautilus. The report we'll use to track
this suggestion is <>.

By the way, Nautilus hackers usually don't comb this list for Nautilus
feedback. Places where we do pay close attention (including our mailing
list, bug tracker, and web feedback page) are linked from

    -- Darin

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