Re: Gnome Dev-Tools Roadmap discussion list.

Dave Camp wrote:

> Ahmad Baitalmal <ahmad bitbuilder com> writes:
> > Due to the increasing popularity (and importance) of this issue. I've
> > create a new list:
> >
> > Gnome-dev-roadmap bitbuilder com
> >
> >
> >
> > Join if you would like to help drafing the roadmap, think we missied
> > something or just plain O'l complain.
> Rather than start a new list, would you consider using the
> gnome-devtools helixcode com mailing list?  This is the list we are
> currently using to discuss these matters, and there are already a
> number of hackers subscribed to the list.
> cheers,
> -dave
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with all due respect - i never thought roadmap was synonymous with
development tools. i think what a lot of people are looking for is a
simple glue that shows how everything is put together. glib, gtk, gdk,
glade, auto*, gnome desktop, gnome office - a _roadmap_ for the gnome
architecture. i think (and this is just me as a newbie) that there needs
to be some way to visualize all the little applications and tools and
components and the way they fit together.

development tools are one aspect of the gnome environment, granted a big
part of it, but still just one part. it would be nice to see the grand
scheme without scrolling down  a list of disparate components, apps, and

Andrew Sutton
asutton21 home com

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