Re: Gnome Dev-Tools Roadmap discussion list.

a) This probably belongs crossposted to gtk-list, not to gtk-devel-list,
   since it has little to do with the development of GTK+ itself,
   though it may relevant to development _in_ GTK+

b) I personally feel that a "roadmap" has very little relevance
   unless there are people committed to writing the software.

   It's unlikely the GNOME steering committee (yes, there is one) 
   would endorse a roadmap without concrete work backing it 

c) The way that free software works is that people write the 
   software that they want to write, or that they want to 
   use badly enough that they want, or sometimes even that
   they think they can make money off of.

   It seldom (never?) is the case that people write software because
   they were told to write the software.

So, yes, I'd agree that development tools are important,
I'd agree that our development tools need serious imprevement,
and integration, but I think the solution to that is people
sitting down and filling in the missing pieces, and people sitting
down and packaging what we have as an integrated solution.

I don't think there is a lot of value in discussing a roadmap
to the extent that it requires a separate list.

Finally, as is emphasized by the mention of gnome-devtools helixcode com,
which most people didn't know about: 

  a) If you want an additional list created about gnome, please 
     ask for it to be created at, so that people can
     find it and so that it is properly archived and searchable.

     I generally like to encourage people to use existing lists
     instead of creating lists that will get 3 messages and then die
     out. But I'd rather see new lists at than elsewhere.
     And I'm far from the only person who can create new lists.
  b) If you create a list somewhere elsewhere, make sure that it gets
     added to the resource page on, either by adding it
     yourself in the gnomeweb-wml module, or (if you don't have cvs
     access), by bugging webmaster gnome org until they do it.



Ahmad Baitalmal <ahmad bitbuilder com> writes:

> Due to the increasing popularity (and importance) of this issue. I've 
> create a new list:
> Gnome-dev-roadmap bitbuilder com
> Join if you would like to help drafing the roadmap, think we missied 
> something or just plain O'l complain.

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