Re: griping about development

Ahmad Baitalmal wrote:
> Geoff Reedy wrote:
> > Unless a lot of mindsets change I don't see there being a Really

I think Geoff made a few good points.  I would like to add the

1. As long as the candidate IDE components can talk to each other,
   who cares.  Consider how we vi and emacs types (or Nedit or whatever)
   shell out and bring results back.  Do we consider emacs (or even
   vi) an integrated dev environment?  We do.  Not pretty, but
   integrated as far as the imagination can take you.
   And components take a LOT less organization, and they are subject
   to evolutionary competition that a monolithic IDE precludes. 
   no monolithic IDE is a GOOD thing.  (If I was a kid I'd be saying I
   do not want one toy or another, I want bits of Lego)

2. :set joke
   Actually what do we want Win32 GUI programmers working on Gnome for?
   They'll only bring Win habits with them.
   :set nojoke

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