Re: Just a few words about user interface...

> I'm talking about gmc. Yes, U can browse dorectories withut icons,
> but what I mean is that a 32x32 would be better and it would make
> possible to navigate with icons

I believe there is a list view that kind of offers this. If I remember
correctly the folders will have icons, but not the files. (Disclamier
my comuter at home have been broken for a month or so and I
only use win 2000 at work so this is from memory)

Anyway, the way I set gmc up, is a cutomized view, dragging the
moveable handle as much as possible to the left and choosing to
only show buttons as icons. This removes some of "fluff" and at
least makes it workable (Yes, I truly hate the list wiev too...).

This will, as i mentioned in my earlier mail, be fixed in nautilus.
Nautilus does e.g. have a zoom function that lets you decide the
zoom (Although I'm not sure if the zoom-steps are fixed). There
will be a preview when you zoom in close enough and other
funky features too... For more info try


Jörgen Lundberg

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