Re: Just a few words about user interface...

El Wed, 6 Sep 2000 15:07:25 +0200, Jörgen Lundberg dijo......:

> > First question I'd like to say is that gmc is almost impossible to use. I
>  use a 1024x768 screen,
>  > with window maker, and it's fatest to use the console, I think. Maybe a
>  "minimize all windows"
>  > applet would be ok, for the users to be able to jump to their Desktop
>  quick. On 800x600 icons
>  > are very huge (I think)
>  Are you talking about gmc or the Window Maker icons? I don't quite
>  understand if it is gmc your
>  talking about since you can custumize the view and get rid of the icon
>  completely if you feel like it.

I'm talking about gmc. Yes, U can browse dorectories withut icons, but what I mean is that a 32x32 would be better and it would make possible to navigate with icons

>  Although I completley agree that gmc has got a number of shotcomming. Most
>  of them (all I hope)
>  will be fixed when a stable nautilus is released. Just wait for a while or
>  try the unstable version now.
>  I have to say that really don't understand if it's Window Maker you are
>  talking about. You can
>  configure shortcuts for switching desktops (I can't remember the defaults
>  right now) very easily.

No, no, it's not wabout Window Maker, it's about gmc. I use Window Maker, anyway. But not everybody in the world does.

>  > More. Why not to make an automatic helix updater? Let's say each 30
>  minutes, or when the users
>  > connect to inet, it searches for new updates.
>  Jikes! A 30 minute intervall? No thanks. Once a day or week perhaps when the
>  I'm not doing
>  anything else that requires network trafficing. Nothing revolutinary will
>  happen over a day. Using
>  bledding edge stuff is usually not for avarage joe user.

Just an idea ... :)

>  BTW, I appologize if the formatting looks strange. I'm sitting at work and
>  *have* to use LookOut.


>  Damn those company policies :(
>  Regards,
>  Jörgen Lundberg



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