Re: Just a few words about user interface...

> First question I'd like to say is that gmc is almost impossible to use. I
use a 1024x768 screen,
> with window maker, and it's fatest to use the console, I think. Maybe a
"minimize all windows"
> applet would be ok, for the users to be able to jump to their Desktop
quick. On 800x600 icons
> are very huge (I think)
Are you talking about gmc or the Window Maker icons? I don't quite
understand if it is gmc your
talking about since you can custumize the view and get rid of the icon
completely if you feel like it.
Although I completley agree that gmc has got a number of shotcomming. Most
of them (all I hope)
will be fixed when a stable nautilus is released. Just wait for a while or
try the unstable version now.
I have to say that really don't understand if it's Window Maker you are
talking about. You can
configure shortcuts for switching desktops (I can't remember the defaults
right now) very easily.

> Second, I love Macs (good old days), so I think the left directory tree on
gmc wates many space.
> Windows should be as small as possible, to make possible to have many of
them open at the same
> time. Also, I not very agree with the methods for copying, moving, etc
folder or file. Mac's way
> was (is)  better, more intuitive. Hmm, a folder called "Games", "My
documents", "Network" it's
> not a bad idea (though I hate windoze)
Wait for nautilus. This won't change in gmc.

> More. Why not to make an automatic helix updater? Let's say each 30
minutes, or when the users
> connect to inet, it searches for new updates.
Jikes! A 30 minute intervall? No thanks. Once a day or week perhaps when the
I'm not doing
anything else that requires network trafficing. Nothing revolutinary will
happen over a day. Using
bledding edge stuff is usually not for avarage joe user.

> I would like to say another more complaints about GTk and the way X works,
but I think that
> would bore you. I don't like window system in Linux :(
Yes, X has it's shortcommings to. My biggest beef about it is the ugly fonts
 (no, don't direct me to
the deuglification howto or whtever), but there is a number of promising
projects out there that
are looking to ammend this problem.

BTW, I appologize if the formatting looks strange. I'm sitting at work and
*have* to use LookOut.
Damn those company policies :(


Jörgen Lundberg

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