Just a few words about user interface...

Hi all there

I would like just to say a few words, but don't take them seriously, these are the thougs of a non-gnome developer, though I know very good GUIs, and I've been with linux 2 years.

First question I'd like to say is that gmc is almost impossible to use. I use a 1024x768 screen, with window maker, and it's fatest to use the console, I think. Maybe a "minimize all windows" applet would be ok, for the users to be able to jump to their Desktop quick. On 800x600 icons are very huge (I think)

Second, I love Macs (good old days), so I think the left directory tree on gmc wates many space. Windows should be as small as possible, to make possible to have many of them open at the same time. Also, I not very agree with the methods for copying, moving, etc folder or file. Mac's way was (is)  better, more intuitive. Hmm, a folder called "Games", "My documents", "Network" it's not a bad idea (though I hate windoze)

More. Why not to make an automatic helix updater? Let's say each 30 minutes, or when the users connect to inet, it searches for new updates.

I would like to say another more complaints about GTk and the way X works, but I think that would bore you. I don't like window system in Linux :(

Thx for your time.


David FernŠndez
davidfer iberica com
Responsable de Desarrollo Iberica.com
+34 91 484 36 59

Avda Bruselas 15, Arroyo de la Vega
28010 Alcobendas (Madrid)

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