Re: Several comments on panel, nautilus and evolution

> Sure, basically we always have all icons installed.  But some .desktop files
> have a special field such as
> TryExec=mozilla
> Now the panel when it loads the menu will check for the binary "mozilla" to
> be in the path, if it's not it doesn't put it into the menu, if it is, it
> does put it into the menu.  That way the user always has all the icons
> without having to run some program to add them.  All the user has to do is to
> install mozilla and the menuitem should magically appear (well not magically
> due to a design flaw, it will appear when the panel is restarted or the menus
> are somehow reloaded.)
> George

OK, so GNOME must include .desktop files for most non-GNOME apps, like XEmacs,
any Tk and Motif apps or whatever, and also icons for these apps. I know
that some X apps set their icons themselves (see tasklist)...

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