Re: Several comments on panel, nautilus and evolution

"Gérard Milmeister" <gemi bluewin ch> writes: 
> OK, so GNOME must include .desktop files for most non-GNOME apps, like XEmacs,
> any Tk and Motif apps or whatever, and also icons for these apps. I know
> that some X apps set their icons themselves (see tasklist)...

It already does include some of these. There could be more though.

(Actually George, it would be good to put the
not-shipped-with-gnome-core thingies in a separate directory; Red Hat
ships the .desktop with the apps themselves, so every time you add a
new .desktop it creates a duplicate menu item for the app and we get a
bug report and have to go patching the gnome-core makefile to take the
.desktop out. If you put them in a separate directory we can just not
install that directory and be done with it. But we always want to
install the .directory and .order files, and the .desktop for the
stuff in gnome-core itself.)


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