Re: Gnome is not easy to use in 800x600

On Fri, Sep 01, 2000 at 12:44:59PM -0500 or thereabouts, Arturo Tena wrote:
> >  Daniel> When you try to use Gnome in 800x600 pixels of screen
> >  Daniel> resolution,windows of most of the programs are bigger than
> >  Daniel> phisical screen. This problem has never happened using KDE
> >  Daniel> desktop.
> But any application which doesn't work at 800x600 (or event 640x480) is 
> buggy and should be fixed.

I agree, since I started using GNOME with a 800x600 monitor, and 
when I mess with Xconfigurator for upgrades of software I often get
it thinking I want 640x480. (I don't, but it thinks it knows better,

If someone installs Linux or something else that uses X, and has trouble
with X configuration and gets GNOME at 640x480, I think it's a safe bet 
that they'll say "Ugh". I think quite a few people would find 800x600 
pretty uncomfortable, too. 

I've filed quite a few bugs about this, with varying results. But the
last I heard from Miguel (on IRC the other night) is that things 
should be at least usable at low resolutions, and entering bug reports 
for apps which aren't usable is a good thing. So file separate bugs against 
the applications in question. 


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