Re: GTK emebedded

On 9 Sep 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Mike Palczewski <mpalczew u washington edu> writes:
> > Does gtk handle the windowing or is there a window manager? How Does the 
> > frame buffer thing work regarding the managment of windows? Or is it only
> > one window at a time. Also what handles the fonts?  Freetype?
> > 
> If you use the small X server you get multiple windows, obviously. The
> framebuffer port only supports one window at a time (well, I think you
> can have popup dialogs, but no window management, the dialogs have to
> be modal and fixed in place).

This is sort of misleading. You can have as many windows as you want -
they will just not be managed. It is just like running a single X app
without a window manager.

Owen had an idea for putting a tiny window manager into GtkWindow - I
suppose that's something to do eventually.

-- Elliot
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