How to create a status bar with additional info?

I'm new to gnome programming and although I read Havoc Pennington's book,
and looked at the gnome online reference, this may be a dumb question:

My application should include a status bar with a few fixed items coming
first, approximately like this:

 | Image: xxx | User: yyyy | Loading image                  | ===>   |

The underlined part is the GnomeAppBar widget, the first two are two pairs
of GtkLables and a few separators. How do I do this?

Of course I could pack all widgets in a hbox and add these to the main
applications with gnome_add_set_statusbar, but how are gnome_app_message &
co. supposed to know which widget they must use?


Quotes from the net, featuring John Lapeyre[L] and Christopher F. Miller [M]:
M> I'm not sure what the right words are to describe Upside.  Last month they
M> mentioned the sendmail **web server** as an example of the failure of the
M> open source process....
L> Well, sendmail does a lousy job of serving webpages.

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